Adult Ministries

9:00 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

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9:00 AMLed by Steve & Brenda Southall in Brick House (Nearly Weds, Newly Weds, and Married Couples in their 20s to 40s)

 Are you looking for a dynamic and relationally focused class/community? Our goal is to nurture and develop our individual faith and walk with God. We will also focus on spiritual unity with our spouse. As we rely upon God’s Word and the power of His Holy Spirit, we will equip and encourage one another to maintain the distinction of “oneness” in our daily walk together for the glory of God and advancement of the Gospel and His Kingdom (Matt 19:5-6). 

9:00 AM Led by Dave & Connie Deal in Forum 500 (Median Age – 45) 

Our class mission statement is as follows: “We are here to support one another in our ministry for Christ. We will foster deep and meaningful relationships in an open and nurturing community.” Teaching is often topical, but we sometimes go through books of the Bible. The teaching is always relevant to the life stages in which we live. 

9:00 AM | Led by Paul & Eileen Mueller in CY 101 (Singles & Married, 20s & 30s)

Our goal is to equip and train today’s young adults, both married and single. We focus on God’s Word and the hope that is found only in Jesus Christ our Lord. Join us as we share His truth with our community and help others grow in their faith. 

More To Come. Thank you.

10:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

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10:30 AMLed by Rich & Kathy Mann in WC 101 (Median Age – 80) 

We are a group of older folks who love to study God’s Word and dig into the Scriptures to grow in the knowledge of our Lord. Our time together allows us the opportunity to get to know each other and pray for one another. All are welcome! 

10:30 AMLed by Dan & Lynn Parks in Forum 301 (Median Age – 65) 

Barachel is a class with married couples and single people. Focusing on the books of the Bible grounds us in God’s Word and shows how the Scripture relates to our everyday lives. Our teaching style is interactive, using questions during the lesson to generate discussion. We value community– sharing praises and prayer requests each week and fellowshipping not only in class, but outside of class through a variety of social activities. 

10:30 AM  | Led by David & Debbie Metz in Forum 200 (Median Age – 65) 

Cornerstone is made up of married and single people who are warm and welcoming to everyone. Our teaching style is interactive, our curriculum is topical, applying the Bible in a practical way and encouraging one another through prayer and praise. We enjoy fun socials each month (which most often includes eating)! 

10:30 AM | Led by Sung & June Joe in CY 101 (Median Age – 50) 

If you are looking for a small group community where you can be part of a close knit “family,” we may be just the group for you. Our class is mostly couples who desire to raise their children to honor and serve the Lord.

10:30 AM | Led by John Hendricks in Forum 102 (Median Age – 80) 

If you enjoy a small class that includes couples and singles alike, you will thrive in our class. We love strong Bible teaching and are committed to praying for and encouraging one another in our daily walk with Christ. 

10:30 AM | Chris Potts & Joel Underwood in Forum 302 (Median Age – 60) 

Grace & Truth is a class that includes people from all walks of life—married, divorced, widowed, and single. As a group, we study and discuss God’s Word together to better understand the importance of God’s grace toward us and how the truth of scripture should guide our lives. We seek to encourage one another to love and good works, and we welcome anyone seeking a nurturing and supportive community. 

10:30 AM | Rick Hill and Bill Fourt in Ryan Hall (Median Age – 75)

We are married and single believers who hold each other up in prayer and enjoy spending time together during class and at social events. Our group supports missions throughout the world. Come and hear the Word of God taught by experienced and knowledgeable Bible teachers—everyone is welcome!

10:30 AM Led by Mike & Carolyn McMahon in Brick House (Median Age – 70)

When you join Koinonia, you truly become part of a group of believers that love you, accept you, pray for you, and encourage you in the joys and trials of daily life. We love to laugh and socialize, but we are serious about God’s Word and discovering His will for our lives.

10:30 AM | Led by Chris and Kim Potts | in Student Center (Median Age – 30 and up)

SALT is a little bit of everything: all ages, backgrounds, marital statuses, and a wide range of experiences in faith (both new and seasoned Christians). If you are curious about the Scriptures, and enjoy a friendly bunch, we’d be delighted to have you join us for thoughtful study and fellowship.

10:30 AM | Led by Dave & Maria Jungbluth in Forum 500 (Median Age – 55)

Servants of Truth class appreciates practical teaching and discussion of the Word of God. Ours is a nurturing, active community who enjoys fellowship, and participates in quarterly class-wide events and small group functions throughout the year. 

10:30 AM | Led by Priscilla Claypool in WC 102 (Median Age – 70)

We are a community of women gathering to read God’s Word, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. 


Specialty Classes

These classes are held periodically.
Dates/times will be announced in the bulletin.

Sundays beginning June 16 from 4 PM to 5:30 PM Online

GriefShare is offering a summer online class via zoom. Cost is $20. Workbook will be mailed, but digital access will be available in the interim. Please register here.

The Start is a great step for those who are new to the faith, have been away for a while, or are interested in just brushing up on the basics. Register online for this free 10-week class and get ready to learn what it means to be a follower of Christ! 

Starting Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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RightNow Media offer access to more than 20,000 biblical videos, available from any device. This includes Bible studies, shows for kids, and so much more. Palmcroft Church is subscribed and offers a free login to anyone in the church who would like to start utilizing this amazing resource!

Sundays 8:45 AM – 11:45 AM 
Wednesdays during AWANA 6:30 PM – 8:15 PM

Our church Library provides a variety of fiction and nonfiction books, movies, and radio dramas for all ages. Check out our entire catalogue!

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Meet our Adult Team

Eric Marvin

Adult Ministries Pastor

Eric Marvin

Adult Ministries Pastor

Molly Pubins

Ministry Assistant

Molly Pubins

Ministry Assistant